Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Holidays

Happy New year Everyone!

I know I've been terrible at writing lately, I actually have been avoiding my computer all together just to avoid the guilt.

We had a nice quiet Christmas at home in Calgary this year, I missed seeing family but Kirk and I enjoyed the time we had alone to create memories and traditions with our own family. Luckily we had my sister Saren with us so I was still able to have a small part of my family with me, we enjoy having her over so much it's too bad her busy life prevents her from coming over more often.
Waking up on Christmas morning as a parent waiting to see the look on my children's faces was almost as exciting as being a child myself. I actually couldn't sleep and woke up early on Christmas morning waiting for my kids to wake up so we could go downstairs!
Talon was so funny and spoke in his high squeaky excited voice almost the entire morning, and Tommy sat in his chair from santa looking around at everything with an exuberant grin. I knew he could tell it was a special day.

This is actually all the pictures I took! I just thought of my new years resolution, to take more pictures!

After the gifts were over we had a fantastic breakfast made almost entirely by Kirk, and I think I enjoyed it more than Christmas dinner.

Boxing day was Christmas number two, because we spent it with the Cranmer family opening gifts from them, playing games and another big dinner. They were a great two days!
Over the rest of the holidays we really enjoyed having kirk at home (when he's not out shoveling snow). I got to go shopping while he stayed at home watching the kids! Last week we took Talon and Tommy to their first movie. We went and saw "Bolt" in 3D because it came recommended by the Hollands, and they were right, it was so much fun I can't wait to take them to another movie again. Most of the time we just had fun at home together, Kirk sat in the kitchen with me watching my new TV, while I tried to perfect making creme brulee with the new kitchen torch I got for Christmas and then we would eat them (well I ate them).
Now it's back to normal life again, Talon starts swim classes tomorrow so that's exciting! I'll try to remember to post a picture!

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