Friday, January 9, 2009

I was thinking about the post I wanted to do today, and when I sat down tonight to write it, I decided to go in a different direction.
I've been quite impressed with my hard working husband lately so I thought it was about time I wrote about it.
In November he spent what seemed like every free moment he had, engaged in one of his many hobbies
So when he asked if it was okay that he go quading for the 5th weekend in a row I said he'd have to work for it and to my surprise he actually did! I didn't even care what his motivation was, he was just so helpful and loving and the amazing part was that it didn't stop at the end of that week it was like he was a changed man, even once the snow started to fall...
Kirk, his brother and father stared a company a few years ago, and in the winter they do snow removal. So when it snows, which it tends to do allot here in Calgary, duty calls. One weekend in the beginning of December he went a full 48 hrs on 4hrs sleep, went to work Monday morning and continued to get up at 4am every morning that week and still came home in time to go to his normal job at 8am until 5. Some days he would have to call me on his drive home from work to keep him from falling asleep! It's not always quite as intense but it's not uncommon for him to be getting up in the middle of the night at least a couple times a week to be going out and working in -20 conditions while I'm asleep at home warm in my bed. I honestly don't know how he does it without complaining and is still just as wonderful as ever, I would be a wreck! I'm grateful that he works so hard for our family and at times I'm in awe, especially when I see little moments like this:
Obviously taken a while ago, but you get the point
Despite his efforts lately, he still has his flaw's (the nerve!) The other night I was comparing my recent passport photo, to the one I had taken 1yr 1/2 ago, I mentioned how much better I thought the old one was, and this is what he said to me;
"I gotta tell ya Linds, you're hair was allot better back then!"
I wasn't quite sure how to take it, I pretended to be offended for a minute but I knew he was right so I just asked if I could make a hair appointment for the weekend. He said no, so I said I guess he'd just have to live with it.
(Look who's talking)
And last night he spent way too much time on the computer looking at motorcycles while I struggled with the kids, but I guess I have to give him a break sometimes because he puts up with all my imperfections too (especially my hair!)
And he's finally letting us take a vacation somewhere other than Ontario this winter, even though the thought of spending that much money on something other than a vehicle causes him physical pain.

But in all seriousness, he's my very favorite person and being with him makes me happier than anything else in the world.


motherofangels said...

Your so cute!!! and I think your hair looks GREAT!!!

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

they really have been working hard!! I know Kent gets away with a lot more these days because of it. I get to sleep in a cozy warm bed while he's out there all night. So it's hard to get after him about little stuff.

Farrah said...

what DOES your hair look like anyway?