Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Do and Yay Me

The other day I was playing with Tommy, and I couldnt get over how much his hair bothered me even after I just spent $25 dollars on a hair cut for him. So I stuck him in his chair and shaved his hair off! I started to hessitate after the first chunk of hair was gone, but it was obviously too late to turn back. I actually really like it, he looks so hansome!
Tommy before the hair cut. I didn't like how the hair on top wouldn't lay flat.
another before :)
Tada! the after shot. I think he likes it too!
I made him pose infront of the fireplace for a few glamour shots.
On another note, I finally added a decorative element to my home that I'm proud of. You see, normally I see other peoples beautiful homes and wish that I had the same creativity to bring into my own home, but nothing ever comes of it.
A little while ago I had an idea for some family pictures and the bare wall in my kitchen and tonight I actually put the plan together! I am so happy with how it turned out, I get excited to walk into the kitchen now to see it. ( a little lame, I know)
So we'll have to see what else this little brain of mine can think up and If I'll actually do something about it!


Nancy said...

Oh I love Tommy's hair, he looks like such a big boy. It will grow back really thick too. Your little family is so beautiful, and your blog is really cute as well.

mom said...

Tommy's hair looks great. The Burlington cut wasn't good.
Your wall is awesome. Perfect spot for the pic's too.

brooke said...

Tommy looks so grown up now! I love the buzz cut.
Your family pictures are really cute too! Good job.

Farrah said...

Tommy's hair is so great. Even thought the melon head hair cut wasn't great, he still looked so cute. The "family" wall looks great too!

Dorienne said...

Great cut! Your brain ain't so little either! You are a very creative gal with a big heart!

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

both look even better in person! That Tommy I think just outdid his cuteness and I love the wall! You did good Linds!

The Taylors said...

His hair looks so great and I love the family photos!