Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Talon Funnies

I love reading about the funny things kids say, and the past couple of days Talon has had me giggling a few times so I though I would share!

1) Sometimes at night when I'm putting him to bed he tries to get me to lay down and sleep with him but I'm usually pretty anxious to get out after I've had to sing him the same song 8 times, so I come up with an excuse like; "I'll go get your dad" or "I have to get my Jammie's on, then I'll be back" (secretly hoping he'll have fallen asleep by the time I come back). I know, I'm terrible. But the other night when he asked me to stay and lay down he started rubbing the bed beside him and said " lay down with me mommy, it's amazing!" I thought it was funny how hard he was working on convincing me to stay, so I stayed a bit longer. He was right, it was pretty amazing!

2) Then this morning he was playing with his train set, and he usually gets upset when the trains don't co-operate because he tries to put too many cars on the engine and it can't pull them all. This morning was no exception and I could hear him sighing over and over again getting more and more exasperated then he yelled, "I'm so frustrated, these trains are driving me crazy!"

3) Again this morning I was sitting on the floor playing with Tommy and when I looked up at Talon he had a devilish grin on his face, and this is what we said:

Me: "Talon, what did you do?"
Talon: "I ate a booger"
Me: "Talon what did I say about eating boogers!"
**Talon just stared at me for a minute**
Talon: "I'm going to get another one"
Me: "No Talon that's yucky!"
** Talon proceeds to dig, finds one, then puts it in his mouth**
Talon: "Mmmm I love boogers!"

So now everyone knows the shameful truth, my son eats his own boogers.


Eric & Hilary said...

hahaha so funny. i love talon. he's such a character.

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Oooh how can younot just love that kid!! he cracks me up!

Dorienne said...

kids really do say the funniest things. It's great that you remember to write them down!

The Taylors said...

Lindsay! Since when have you been BLOGGING!?!?! You kept the secret form me, don't you knwo I love reading blogs? Anyway I am glad I foudn it through Liz today! I am goign o go catch up now on all yoru posts I have been missing out on. I love Talons booger story! i don't knwo how many times Jadyn has told me that she loves boogers.... ahhh!

Nancy said...

haha, I'm glad Tylee isn't the only one to eat her boogers.