Monday, September 15, 2008

Unhealthy Addiction

I have to admit that I've been a little addicted to e-bay the past few weeks. I started off just needing to find an inexpensive sling for carrying Tommy and then it was finding the perfect nursing bra, and I kept getting outbid on all the Sigg bottles I wanted so I just couldn't stop!! ...

Anyway, I joined e-bay addicts anonymous and started the 12 step program, I think it's been a week now since I've made a bid (yay me!) probably because I got the Visa bill on Friday and it was kind of gross.

Through it all I made some good deals and some bad.
These are the things I was excited about;

This new fossil watch was only 20 bucks!

I did find a pretty good sling, but it's slightly too long so I have to make some adjustments.

This wasn't the cutest sigg bottle I could find, but it was the only one I could buy right away. All the others would start off at a reasonable price and I would be winning it for like 5$ up until around 2 days left then everyone would start to outbid me. By the end of the auction they were going for over 25$ or more and with shipping on top of that, there was no way I could justify it.

This Halloween shirt I got for Talon is pretty cute. I found some really nice costumes but not any good deals. I ended up finding a Pablo and a Tyrone costume at Huckleberry Kids for 10$ each so I bought those and he's pretty excited about them!

This is the nursing bra I ended up getting, It's not perfect but it was nicer that the ones I have and it was a good deal. This is the one I really wanted;

See how happy she looks!

Man I was bumbed when I lost that, but I was such a rookie back then, if I had the chance now there is now way I would have lost!

This is what I bought Kirk for his birthday, the watch and one of the movies didn't get to our house in time so I was left frantically trying to find him a replacement gift on his birthday. There was no way I was going to just give him a used movie and an IOU! I have no idea what I'm going to do with it now, I'll probably save it for Christmas.

Now these are the things I was not so smart about;

After bidding on over 5 other Peter Pan movies, this is the one I ended up with. I went to play it for Talon but there was too many scratches on it! I went out and bought a CD cleaning kit and worked on it for over 30 min. It plays now except for the last half hour of the movie.. piece of junk.

These are camera batteries. I bought them after 9 hours of looking for my camera that I lost. I figured I could use my old camera until I found it, all it needed was a new battery. I bought these two for 8$ from someone in Hong Kong. After shipping it was like 15$ Not too bad right? So I told Kirk and he said that wasn't why the old camera didn't work and that I just wasted 15$. That wouldn't have been a huge deal If I didn't just waste 55$ on this;


This was suppose to be an amazing deal. A portable DVD player for 37$! (I say 55$ because that's what it ended up costing after shipping.) But how could I go wrong?

Well you go wrong when you're stupid and you don't actually read about what you are buying. When it was delivered all I got was a CD-R that said "Wholesale list" on it. I put it into the computer and it was just a list of places where you can buy electronics at wholesale prices.... I wanted to die! I went back and read (for the first time) the product description on the DVD player I thought I was buying and sure enough, that's all it was, a CD that was suppose to "make thousands of $$ profit!".

Lesson learned.

The only consolation I got was when I realized it might help save me money when I go to buy myself a new camera.


terahreu said...

I have been skunked before with Ebay. I think you have to get a few duds, but when you get it right, it is so worth it.

That sling is adorible. Good buy. I don't think I could be bold enough to buy a bra on Ebay, I would think it would never fit right. But, bravo for you for making it work.

Don't worry, with the Ebay addiction it goes through phases. You buy, buy, buy for the fun of buying online. Then the credit card bill comes in and you recover pretty quickly. As soon as you forget, you'll be back on buying as usual. It is cyclical. My cure was going to a foreign country. Maybe you should pack up and go to Africa?

Farrah Nordquist said...

Linds you are so funny. I've never been able to figure out the ebay thing. I guess now that I've created a blog I just might have to find another addiction, hopefully it won't be ebay, Dave would kill me! Can't wait to see you and the boys at Thanksgiving!

mom said...

Lindsay, your so funny! I knew about all of your purchases but somehow it's funnier reading about them. Your pretty computer sauvy, at least to me. Maybe you can find a cheap copy of the "Mash" series for Dad's birthday. They cost $33.00 a season in the store. Love your blog (and you were the prettiest woman in your ward)MOM

Lindsay Cranmer said...

Okay mom, you are not allowed to leave comments on my blog if you are going to write crazy things!

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Lindsay, you crack me up!!!! Youa re stinkin hilarious! E-bay much? Wow, I'll have to come to you for the expert advice if I ever take it up! Or just enlist your services to find me the good deals!

Dorienne said...

Man, you are addicted. You make me laugh about the bra! "look how happy she looks"!

Dorienne said...

By the way, they have some cute "sigg like" bottles at Community Natural Foods.

The Taylors said...

you are sooo funny!!! Thank you for the laugh, but sorry those purchase didn't work out!! You got some good scores at least to go with it!