Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Family Vacation

Our family was on a week long camping trip throughout the Kamloops last week with the 4-wheel Stampeeders (kirks wheeling club). We had a fun time, but I was lucky I had my book to read! We started off in Revelstoke BC, then moved on to Trout Lake and then ending in Nakusp. My favorite area was Revelstoke, because they had the nicest showers and bathrooms! We left on August 1st, and knowing that Breaking Dawn was being released on the 2nd, I called ahead to their only book store to see if they would be carrying it. When I spoke to the lady on the phone I simply siad that I was traveling in the area when my book was to come out. She asked what the book was called and the name of the author, I couldn't remember the name of the book but I knew Stephanie Meyer was the author so that's what I said, and when she heard that she started to scream, "You're Stephanie Meyer!" I was like no, and started to laugh but she didn't think it was very funny, she said "but you said it was you're book.." in a that's not funny kind of way, and I could tell she felt a little silly. oops!

There was the cutest kitten at the camp ground, and Talon loved playing with it!

When we were in Trout lake I went for a swim and got a leech on me! Luckily the girls were quick to get it off, but I didn't go back in the water. Almost everyone saw bears there but us, the guy at the restaurant we went to said he see's up to around 5 a day! We saw a cool eagel swoop down in front of us to catch a fish though, and every night the blue herrins flew in to eat, and we don't see that everyday.

On the Ferry heading out to Trout Lake

Our camp site.

This is the lake where the leech attacked me.

One of my favorite things to see was all the hippies! I didn't think they still made Berkinstocks, but it turns out the do, and everyone wears them! I went to a farmers market and a lady selling garlic was smoking pot..right there in front of me! Another girl at the hot springs with dreds and a large floral tatoo on her chest had never shaved a day in her life, it was hard to keep from staring!

This was the beautiful lake in Nakusp

I find I look better when I'm not looking at the camera.

So even though I didn't go wheeling everyday (because of all the huge freaking horse flies!) I still had a pretty good time. I'm actually looking forward to our next camping trip to Radium in a few weeks!


Lindsay Pratt said...

Okay, I was killing myself while I read your Stephanie Meyer story! :) Haha, hilarious! Glad you had a fun trip!

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

looks like a great location and fun trip!!

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

looks like a great location and fun trip!!