Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Once Upon a Potty

I've been gearing to potty train Talon since he was 6 months old. I know it sounds crazy but I heard how hard it can be and I wanted it to go smoothly, so I started reading up on it around that time. When he turned two I bought the potty and I didn't want to pressure him into it before he was ready (all the books said that) I just wanted to show him how to use it and that it was available if he was interested.
He showed no interest for months so I went and purchased the book "Once Upon a Potty" and started reading it to him every night, thinking it might trigger something... but nothing happened.
When he was around 2 1/2 and I started thinking that I needed to get a little more aggressive so I put him on the potty, every 30 minutes until he went and sure enough, he went pee! We were so excited and I thought this is it, we just have to keep this up. It didn't turn out to be that easy though, apparently he could care less where he pees, If he went on the potty, fine, if it was in his diaper, who cares, so I let off on it again and decided to go back to the books.
One suggestion was to devote and entire day to it, no diaper or pull ups, just underware so he could feel what it was like when he had an accident, and it also said to go about the day normally... so we went to the mall. I made him go to the potty right before we left the house and as soon as we got there, so things were going really well! We stopped to play for a while and about 45 minutes later I called him to come over and I noticed something was falling out of his pant leg.. it was poop! I picked him up and tried to get him back to the bathroom as fast as I could and when I got him up on the table I noticed it was caked all in his pants and socks and had filled up his boots! It was so gross to clean up and the whole time there were people staring at me, in pity no doubt. I thought ahead of time to bring a change of clothing for him but not boots, so he had to walk around the mall for the next hour, barefoot.
So that was mortifying enough to stop me from trying again, until a week ago. He's three now and I keep telling myself that there are lots of three year old's not potty trained, and when he's ready I'll know, "he'll practically train himself" they all say. And to those of you out there that has trained their son or daughter overnight, without a problem, I don't even want to know. I can't take it right now.
We were at Ikea the other day and sure enough Talon had a dirty diaper, so I took him into the change room where two women were changing their baby's so I had to wait. I was standing their realizing how embarrassing it was but nothing was quite as embarrassing as trying to lift and fit my 33lb, 3 yr old onto a tiny change table. That was it for me, I decided I don't care if he's ready or not, he's old enough to figure it out now so I'm just going for it. It's been almost a week now and it's not going very well, but I'm not giving up. He fights me almost every time even though I have about 30 potty prizes waiting for him if he goes, all wrapped up in pretty paper. And he has the choice to use his small potty so he can watch a show while he waits or the Diego seat potty that fits on top of the big potty so he doesn't fall in. So I' kind of running out of ideas here. He's yet to poop on the potty, only pee if I'm lucky. He never fails to poop in his pants 5 minutes after he gets off the potty and will never tell me if he has to go. Why won't he tell me!!? I know he understands.. I just can't take it, but I know we have to just keep trying.
I wasn't going to use pull ups but I don't really have a choice, I'm not about to clean up after him 20 times a day.
So here I am, at the end of another day just trying to psych myself up for tomorrow. I'm going to go and enjoy my quite time now and not think about the moment I'm awakened again by Talon calling "mommy!!" through his wall, and another day begins.
I still love that kid though! I told him he had pretty eyes today and his response in a very stern tone was;
"I'm not pretty mommy, I'm cool! But you're pretty! "
Isn't that great?


Lindsay Pratt said...

Oh my gosh, the boots full of poop story...Hilarious, but AAAHH! :) This is what I have to look forward to. Hang in there, I want you to have this all figured out so I can ask you for advice when Cohen turns 3!

Ryan & Jacquie said...

LINDSAY! i'm glad you found me! this potty training thing sounds so tragic. i'm so sorry!

thanks for the nyc tips. you really should go! it's so fun and busy! i went to rachel rays site and picked out a few places that we're definitely gonna check out while we're there. that was a great idea! thanks so much!

good luck with the potty training today! :)

brooke said...

Lindsay, I am so feeling the same way. I am dreading everyday because I knoow I can't quit the potty training, but it feels like we're getting no where! Emma is super stubborn and it is so frustrating! Good Luck to you!!!!

Anonymous said...

And here I thought I was the only one with a stubborn potty-trainer! At least we're through it now, so I can tell you it passes:)Marcus will be 4 in December and I finally feel like I can send him to one of those classes where the kids have to be able to self-potty (fingers crossed, of course). Good luck - Talon will come round!

The Taylors said...

I know how you are feeling, your story sounds EXACTLY how Jadyn is, like to a T! Oh the pain! I hope they learn it soon!