Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I just thought I would post some of the awsome pictures Saren took of us on the boat last Saturday.

This is of her and Talon wearing matching sunglasses, they look pretty cute.

When we got there Talon saw this sail boat and thought it was a pirate ship. He spent alot of time with the "pirates" and any other family he could find.

This is just cute, I love how he was standing with one hand on his hip.

Here are the boys. And then me, there is never a picture with all of us together.

She took alot of Talon...

But these two were my favorite, good job Saren! Now you just need to get a nice camera.

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Elizabeth Cranmer said...

yeah your blogging! Look slike you guys enjoyed your lake time on Sat. You'll have to give me the update on Jared b's girl!