Thursday, September 10, 2009

We're back

I'm back from summer break, with some highlights from the past few months. I was terrible at taking pictures though so it pretty much jumps from the beginning of the summer with my brothers wedding and ending with Talon first day of pre-school so there is a slight gap there. I did take pictures of our camping trip Labour day weekend but they are on Kirks camera at work with him (bummer, I know).

{The Wedding}

The lovely couple

Family picture

Me and my boys

Me and Saren (we'll have her wedding pictures soon)

Farrah and her new beautiful baby Dana

The other lovely couple ;)

Isn't she gorgeous!

Neal the stud

Talon loosing his pants

The reception

Neal and Elizabeth rocking out together.

~First Day of Pre-School~

He spilt on his shirt moments before we had to leave.

*The Quad*


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Heather said...

Oh lindsay, your boys are so cute!