Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm back!

I'm been on some what of a blogging hiatus the past couple of months since my computer has been "under the weather", but I think we've gotten all the kinks worked out now, so I'm back baby!

Life at home with my boys has been a lot of fun lately. Talon cracks me up everyday, weather he's just saying funny things or playing with his invisible mouse. He has quite the imagination.

What we know about his mouse so far is:

- She is in fact a girl because he always refers to it as "she"
- She's shy, that's why she doesn't talk to me
- She use to sleep in her hole, but lately she's been going to bed with Talon so he's not lonely.
- Talon always makes room for her in his car seat, and gets upset if I sit him too far over. He yells at me saying I've crushed her.
- They have races around the house because talon loves to run.
- I know when he's playing with her because he uses a high squeaky voice when he's speaking for her and then switches back to himself throughout the conversation.

He also likes to pretend to be various animals like dogs & dinosaurs or TV characters like, animal mechanicals & backyardigans. The frustrating part is that he only answers to the characters name and it's difficult to talk to him when I tell him to put his shoes on and he says that dogs don't wear shoes and refuses to put them on.

Talon in his Tee Pee

Boys in the bath

Tommy seems to be growing up quickly lately. He's crawling all over the house and getting into everything. The other day I had him in my room with me while I folded laundry and the next thing I knew he had crawled down the hall and was splashing around in Talons pee. Sometimes talon likes to use his training potty still and apparently he had used it that morning.

Cute faces!

I checked tommy breath to try and see if he had drank any, and threw him in the bath.

He also started pulling himself up to stand on furniture yesterday, so I'm very happy for him.
I can't wait for the day he's finally able to get away from his crazy brother or better yet, give him a run for his money!

I made some cards at Elise's house recently, and I just love them. She always has the most amazing ideas, so even though I made these I give her all the credit. I wish I was this creative!

The waterfall card
You pull on the tab to show the sentiment, but I haven't put one in yet

The pop-up cake card

The most recent creations

Is anyone up for a card exchange?

I should mention the vacation Kirk and I took at the beginning of March. We went on a week long cruise to the Mexican Riviera, and had a wonderful time. I can't believe I was so lucky to have a whole week off alone with Kirk and nothing to think about but where we were going to eat next. I already can't wait until my next vacation, I'm hooked now!

Standing in front of our ship
Reading by the pool

Thanks again to my parents for watching the boys for us so I could drink endless pina coladas, and lay in the sun all day. We couldn't have gone without you!


motherofangels said...

I just want to SQUEEZE tommy's cheeks! Oh, my goodness! So glad to have you back in the blog world!

Jacquie said...

I love your new blog layout!! Talon is sooo funny! I love that he has a new "friend"! Those cards are beautiful...I would be up for an exchange.

Dorienne said...

I love the cards and the update on the family. Jealous about your vacation too. I'm totally up for a card exchange.

Farrah said...

Finally! I check all the time for an update but haven't in a while since there hasn't been one.... you know I basically live for new Talon and Tommy stories and pics. Tommy is so big, he's not a baby anymore. I hope he still wants to cuddle when you come home in June.

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Great update! Glad your back!

I love the bit about Talon's little friend!!! That is priceless! My kids haven't ever had an imaginary friend, kinda wish they did, sounds adorable!

Oh and love Tommy's grins! My goodness what a cute child! And he's pulling up on furniture!? where have I been!

Anonymous said...

Soooo, the mouse is his best friend? Maybe you guys can come over and play more:) Talon is hilarious!